esther imm is a toronto-based hand quilter and urban planner.


she was drawn to quilt design as a way to construct abstract pattern into tactile form - she hoped to create pieces that can be touched and utilized. 


her newest work is more process oriented, using fabric scraps to dictate the design. (quilt making can be very technical and there was more freedom to create without a notebook or calculator)


her work is always finished by hand quilting the layers together. stitching by hand can be quite a slow process but it allows a quiet moment to connect with the history of quilt making.


interview with the gladstone hotel for hard twist 2019 here



patchwork "chogak po"


chogak po - is a traditional korean textile, patch-worked from scraps into colourful abstract designs.


this series is based on intuition, experimentation and collaboration. each design is found through experiment, using scraps from past projects. quilt making can be technical and precise...but this allows the maker to let go and embrace improvisation.


quilts are embedded with history that can survive generations. the new series is left unfinished and without binding (the border around the edge of the quilt) with the intention that each work can be finished in collaboration with its new keeper.



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